List of items that are banned, restricted for UAE residents, tourists


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I heared a news about some itams banned for United Arab Emirates.. Please clear the statement what are all the products and items banned and restrictions in UAE.


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    Here is the list of items that are banned:
    Controlled/recreational drugs and narcotic substances
    Frozen poultry and birds
    Betel leaves (paan)
    Counterfeit/pirated goods and content
    Indecent and obscene materials
    Gambling tools and machines
    Counterfeit currency
    Items used in black magic, witchcraft or sorcery
    Publications and artwork that contradict or challenge Islamic teachings and values

    Here is the list of items that are restricted and may require prior approval in Dubai:
    Animals, plants, fertilizers
    Medicines, drugs, medical equipment
    Media publications
    Transmission and wireless devices
    Alcoholic drinks
    Cosmetics, personal care products for exhibitions
    E-cigarettes and electronic hookah

    However, there are certain items that are exempted from customs duties and will be allowed entry:
    Gifts whose value does not exceed 3,000 AED
    400 cigarettes, 50 cigars
    500 grams of tobacco (minced or pressed for pipes or minced/pressed tobacco for smoking, tumb√Ęk (pure tobacco), or hookah molasses)
    Alcoholic beverages not exceeding 4 liters or 2 cartons of beer, each consisting of 24 cans not exceeding 355ml for each can
    Passengers aged 18 and above must declare cash/cheques, promissory notes, payment orders, precious metals or stones with a value exceeding Dh60,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies
    For passengers under 18, the amount in their possession will be added to the permitted limit of their parent/guardian or accompanier
    Condition for exemptions
    The baggage and gifts must be of a personal nature and not in commercial quantities
    The passenger must not be one who frequently visits the same customs center or who trades in the items in his possession
    The passenger must not be a crew member
    Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are not permitted entry and are not subject
    Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are not permitted entry and are not subject to duty exemption for passengers under 18 years of age

    Abu Dhabi International Airport has also listed items that are banned and permitted. Here is the list:
    Each traveler is permitted to bring the following with them into the UAE:

    4 liters of alcohol or one carton / 24 cans of beer
    Dh2,000 worth of cigarettes or 400 sticks of cigarettes
    Dh3,000 worth of gifts, including perfume
    Dh3,000 worth of cigars
    2 kilograms of tobacco

    List of items that are restricted:
    Drugs such as cannabis, opium, etc.
    A doctor’s prescription should be carried along with any medication
    Some drugs and medications that may be purchased over the counter in other countries are classified as controlled substances in the UAE and are illegal to possess
    Firearms and dangerous weapons
    Religious propaganda and offensive printed materials, CDs, videos, or films
    Pirated video and audiotapes or illegal computer software will be confiscated

    News Source: Khaleej Times

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